Who we are

Who we are?

Xcentric IT has grown into a tech and business savvy company that solves clients’ business and e-commerce challenges by providing services in customized software application, product assessment, system consulting, and the creation, integration, and management of remote developer teams.

Xcentric IT company closely monitors web trends and web dynamics, so we know what can fit the requirements of your business.

  • Planning and scheduling your business.

  • Doing research for your clients

  • Create and manage business process

Save Time, Save Money,
Do it your Way.

Xcentric IT team can help you to improve your business process and save time and money.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Excellent service support!

Since we have a marketing agency, we have a lot of urgent requests from clients who need a quick, quality solution. The Xcentric IT team is there to help us at all times. All praise for the very professional people who respond to every challenge. We have excellent communication and easy to understand without strenuous multi-hour meetings.

Smartpoint Adria, Belgrade

Nice work! Keep it up!

Working with Xcentric IT we can present our complex challenges to very clear, secure and, successful solutions.

Tahions d.o.o.

Great support!!

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